Manufacturer of antibodies, biochemicals, proteins and ELISA kits. The product range includes a comprehensive selection of conjugated and unconjugated loading control antibodies for different organisms and tissues.

  • Primary and Secondary Antibodies
  • Biochemicals
  • Proteines and Peptides

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Affinity Biosciences

Manufacturer of antibodies and other reagentss. One focus is on the detection of phosphorylated proteins with more than 1800+ specificities in this area.

  • Primary Antibodies
  • Phosphospecific Antigodies
  • Inhibitors

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BioAssay Works, LLC

BioAssay Works offers elegant solutions to the problems of gold sol technology and gold-sol-based rapid assays.

• Iso-Gold™ Rapid Mouse-Monoclonal Isotyping Kit
• KIM-1 (Human & Rat): Biomarker assay for acute kidney damage
• Gold & Latex conjugation-kits
• Highly active gold particles for assay development

BioPorto Diagnostics A/S

Diagnostic Immunoassays, Immunodiagnostics and Antibodies
• Diagnostic ELISA Kits (NGAL, MBL, APC-PCI a.o.)
• Clinical Immunochemistry (The NGAL Test)
• Antibodies for Blood Proteins, Complement, Cytokines, Hormones, and many more

BMA Biomedicals AG

Antibodies for immunohistochemistry and immunoassays

Antibodies for cell analysis:
• Macrophage markers
• Monocytes
• DC & inflammation, etc.

• MRP8, MRP14, MRP8/14, sCD163

Cloud-Clone Corp

Cloud-Clone develops and produces antibodies for research. All antibodies are produced in consideration of high quality criteria (ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2003).

• Primary antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal)
• Secondary antibodies
• Proteins
• ELISA- and CLIA-Kits

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Cusabio Technology LLC

Since it´s foundation in 2007 Cusabio has grown to be on of the leading chinese manufacturers of high quality antibdies. in addition to polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies Cusabio offers a large variety of other procucts for life science, such as ELISA-Kits, recombinat proteins, cytokines and cDNA clones.


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dianova GmbH

Own brand products for research and diagnostics:

Special antibodies for histopathology and angiogenesis, ELISA-kits, p53 autoantibody ELISA, research antibodies and recombinant proteins for: CD-antigens, transcription regulation, apoptosis, cytokines, growth factors, tumor biology, angiogenesis, muscle biology, heat-shock proteins, ion channels, etc.

ImmunoReagents, Inc.

Broad spectrum of highly specific secondary antibodies from various species, produced directly in the USA. Available with different conjugates (e.g. Dylight or HRP) and suitable for all common assays: ELISA, Flow Cytometry, IHC, ICC, IF and Western Blot.

• Secondary Antibodies
• Primary Antibodies
• Isotype Controls

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Antibodies, diagnostic kits, recombinant proteins and reagents for flow cytometry and immunopathology

• Antibodies for human and mouse CD Markers
• Diagnostic kits & Multicolor reagents
• Apoptosis detection tools
• Recombinant proteins

Jackson ImmunoResearch, Inc.

Highly purified secondary antibodies for all indirect immune detection methods (immunofluorescence, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, immunoblotting, flow cytometry, etc.)

• Secondary antibodies & conjugates
• Normal sera & purified serum-Ig (ChromPure)
• Reagents for detection systems

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LigaTrap Technologies

LigaTrap Technologies

The US company LigaTrap™ Technologies has developed a novel, patented portfolio of affinity ligands specific for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal immunoglobulins from various species.

MaxVision Biosciences Inc.

High quality immunofluorescence detection systems.
Autofluorescence Blocking Reagent (MaxBlock™)
Best results with highest specificity and sensitivity for mouse on mouse fluorescent detection (MaxFluor™).

nanoimmunotech S.L.

Innovative bioconjugation technology (nitzipper®) for conjugation of different biomolecules and labels.
Large selection of ready to use linkered antibodies and labels and bioconjugation service.

Nordic BioSite AB

Leading Scandinavian supplier of antibodies, proteins, kits, and assays for medical research and diagnostics. With more than 20 years of experience and a GLP certified histology laboratory (BioSiteHisto) Nordic BioSite is particularly specialized in the development of optimized IHC antibodies (OptibodiesTM) in order to meet the highest standards of immunohistochemical staining in histopathology.

Nordic-MUbio BV

Antibodies for Research and Diagnostics, Reagents for Flow Cytometry
(previously AN DER GRUB)

• Human Immunoglobulins, Immunoglogulin-Iso-/Allotype specific antibodies
• Antibodies for veterinary medicine
• Cell- and CD-Marker
• FIX & PERM® Cell Fixation and Cell Permeabilization Kit
• Kits and antibodies for leukemia diagnosis

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ONCOdianova‘s antibody development program concentrates on the tissue-based detection of cancer immunology checkpoint biomarkers.



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RevMAb Biosciences

Goat monoclonal antibodies/ Rabbit monoclonal antibodies derived from B-cell cloning

• Highly specific Secondary Reagtents
• Highly specific histone modification antibodies (rabbit monoclonal)- acetylation, methylation, epigenetics


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Scytek Laboratories

Products for Immuhistochemistry and Histology

• IHC Staining Kits, Histology Staining Kits, Buffers and Antibodies.


Stemmera Inc. is a biotechnology company located in Bay Area, California that focus in developing innovative technology and application solution for stem cell research.
Our products include ready-to-use kit, culture medium, reagents, antibodies, and cell lines that are convenient tools used in stem cell research.

SynAbs sa

Involved in the production of innovative monoclonal antibodies

The young company is in particular characterized by immunoglobulin-class and -subclass specific monoclonal secondary antibodies for immunoglobulins from rat, mouse and human.