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Rises of NGAL concentrations in urine, plasma or serum can be used in basic research, medical research, nephrotoxicity detection e.g. for drug development and in preclinical or clinical studies in order to detect and monitor the course and extent of kidney injury under damaging conditions as early as from its subclinical onset.

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The Human NGAL ELISA (KIT 036CE) enables the determination of human NGAL in urine and plasma samples in less than 4 hours in a standard laboratory with conventional ELISA equipment or an open ELISA platform. The kit contains ready-to-use calibrators, high and low controls, all necessary reagents and buffers as well as 12 pre-coated microwell strips plus frame. The simple test protocol combines high reproducibility with rapid analysis.

The assay is a sandwich ELISA which is performed in 4 steps in microwells coated with a monoclonal antibody to human NGAL. Bound NGAL is detected with another monoclonal NGAL antibody labeled with biotin and the assay is developed with horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated streptavidin followed by the addition of a color-forming substrate.

Productinformation Human NGAL ELISA (KIT 036CE)

The animal NGAL ELISA kits from BioPorto Diagnostics can be used to detect kidney injury or diseases in domestic and farm animals. The applications of the animal NGAL ELISA kits (RUO) in drug development range from drug discovery to preclinical toxicity testing.

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Important applications of NGAL measurement in the pharmaceutical industry are:

  • Safety biomarker (nephrotoxicity of drugs) – NGAL levels rise from baseline if the kidney is damaged
  • Efficacy biomarker (positive effect of drugs on kidney repair) – NGAL levels fall when the damaged kidney is treated effectively

Matched pairs for sandwich-assays setup to measure different forms of NGAL

NGAL Antibodies

Recombinant NGAL Protein