In this section you can find antibodies for any immunological detection method, i.e. Western Blotting (WB), Immunofluorescent Staining, Flow Cytometry, ELISA and Immunohistochemistry. In addition to primary antibodies and secondary antibodies this section also contains isotype controls. Our large selection of secondary antibodies, for instance from Jackson ImmunoResearch, allows development of highly sensitive and specific immunoassays.

Primary Antibodies

Our versatile selection of primary antibodies can be used in many fields of application in research and diagnostics.

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Highly Sensitive and Highly Specific: Our Secondary Antibodies

We offer highly sensitive and specific secondary antibodies from Jackson ImmunoResearch, USA.

With more than 5.000 secondary antibodies in our database you will always find the right combination of conjugates specifically suited for your immunoassay. The highly sensitive and specific secondary antibody portfolio from Jackson ImmunoReserach, that is available from dianova, is complemented by additional manufacturers, especially in the area of class and subclass specific secondary antibodies.

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Isotype Controls

Primary antibodies can bind to cell surface proteins and can be the cause of background signals. Isotype controls that are directed against an antigen that is not present in the analyzed cell population represent this background and can be used as a negative control for better measuring the specificity of the primary antibody.

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