Antibody Highlights for Worldwide Sale

dianova’s antibody highlights concentrate on two groups of products: Antibodies for human pathology and antibodies for research purposes.

The first group comprises outstanding antibodies for human pathology, that are suitable for standard formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections and allow excellent staining results. In close collaboration with leading German pathological institutes dianova will gradually extend the panel of own IHC antibodies with new unique antibodies.

The second group consists of research antibodies with unique properties for a variety of areas. The antibodies are selected and manufactured in close collaboration with distinguished academic institutes and allow most powerful laboratory analyses

anti-hu IDH1 R132H / clone H09 for FFPE tissue


Advanced routine diagnosis of brain tumors:
Marker for astrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas.

Excelent staining of infiltrating IDH1R132H  – positive single cells

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anti-hu TIGIT / clone TG1 for FFPE tissue

Anti-TIGIT humanes FFPE Gewebe

DIA-TG1 has been validated for the identification of TIGIT positive T-cells infiltrating human tumors.

Clone TG1 is the first monoclonal antibody detecting TIGIT in routine formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue specimen.

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Anti-mutated Calreticulin / CALR (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: CAL2) for FFPE tissue


Detection of all CALR Mutations in MPNs (ET, PMF):
Immunostaining of CALR mutated Megakaryocytes.

CAL2 enables reliable distinction of CALR mutated ET and PMF from PV and reactive bone marrow alterations.

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Anti-CD31 (Ms) from Rat (Clone: SZ31) for mouse FFPE tissue


Endothelial cell marker for standard FFPE tissues:
Goldstandardfor studies of angiogenesis in mice

Antibody clone SZ31 is the first antibody which reacts specifically with murine CD31 in standard formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections.

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Anti-CD4 (Ms) from Rat (Clone: GHH4) for mouse FFPE tissue


IHC-validated T (helper) cell marker for die mouse histology.
Specific detection of CD4 in murine FFPE-tissue.

For CD4/CD8 doublestaining with monoclonal anti-msCD8 from Rat.


Anti-CD8a (Ms) from Rat (Clone: GHH8) for mouse FFPE tissue


IHC-validated T cell marker for mouse histology.

Background-freeIHC staining of CD8a in murine FFPE tissue.

For CD4/CD8 doublestaining with monoclonal anti-msCD4 from Rat.


Anti-CD45R (Ms) from Rat (Clone: GHH45) for mouse FFPE tissue

IHC-validated pan B cell marker for mouse histology.

Specific detection of CD45R in murine FFPE tissue.

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