Kits for Cell Proliferation & -Apoptosis

Here you can find a selection of Kits to measure DNA-synthesizes and cell proliferation with a non-isotopic system. Reducing workload, saving time and money. A well-known alternative to [3H] thymidine is bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU). This analog is incorporated into newly synthesized DNA strands of replicating cells. Following partial denaturation of double stranded DNA, BrdU is detected immunochemically allowing the assessment of the population of cells, which are actively synthesizing DNA. Next to the evaluation of cell cycle progression, in many scientific fields it is also important to analyze apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death. Endonucleases of apoptotic cells cleave DNA into small fragments (DNA-ladder). Free 3’ OH groups at the end of these fragments can be labeled with ApoMarkTM Kits. This detection technique is suitable for samples from paraffin-embedded tissue sections (FFPE), cryosections as well as cell preparations fixed on slides.