Other Products/ Antibodies

In this section you can find further products and antibodies for worldwide sale. Among them are the higly sensitive and specific monoclonal Epitope tag antibodies (i.a. His-tag) as well as our anti-fibroblast (CD90) antibody.

Anti-His Epitop-Tag Antibodies

The monoclonal epitope tag antibodies from dianova stand out due to highest affinity and sensitivity. The monoclonal anti HIS-Tag antibody clone 13/45/31 detects N-/C-terminal as well as internal His-tags with an BIAcore value of 3x 10-10M.

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You can find further common Anti- / HA / GST / V5 / Myc / FLAG / GFP / RFP epitop-tag antibodies in our Product Search.

Anti-Fibroblast (CD90)

In this section you find our Anti-Fibroblast CD90 (Thy-1) (Hu) from Mouse (clone: AS02) Primary Antibody.

AS02 is especially suitable for the specific detection and cell separation of human fibroblasts.

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Adhesive Slides

ImmunoSelect adhesive  slides are  developed  for  microscopical  use,  where  precious and only poorly available cellular material should be efficiently immobilized. The surface of these slides allows  a  fast  and  highly  efficient  immobilization  of  the  cells  and  helps  to  reduce cellular material and reagents.

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p53-auto antibody ELISA-Kit (Human), CE-IVD

Highly purified recombinant wild type human p53 protein is bound to microtiter plates of this Sandwich-ELISA-Kit. One main objective for p53 autoantibodies evaluations are conformation of clinical data and supplementary information in the follow-up of cancer patients.

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