Purification: Antibody and Protein

LigaTrap™ Technologies provides a novel and patented portfolio of affinity ligands, which are developed for monoclonal and polyclonal immunoglobulins purification. In addition to species-specific ligands (Human IgM, Mouse IgG, Rat IgG etc.), a distinct advantage is the ability to elute bound antibodies at a milder pH (pH 4.0) than commonly used proteins G and A resins (pH ≤ 3.0). This reduces the risk of precipitation and inactivation of pH-sensitive antibodies. After few simple steps (loading the columns, washing, elution) you recover a high yield of pure product with LigaTrap™ ready-to-use Kits for antibody purification. For antibody purification we also provide loose IgG-specific Resin as well as prepacked columns. In addition, we offer the peptid-extractionskit from BMA Biomedicals as well as agarose-conjugated antibodies from Nordic-MUbio and JAckson ImmunoResearch.

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