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Under our brand Immunoselect you can find coated adhesion slides that are the alternative for valuable and rare sample material with special coating for quick and highly efficient immobilization of cells and sections. The adhesion slides combine different electrostatic and chemical bonding technologies like polysine and silanisation. The adhesion slides are optimally suited for all common fluorescent dyes. In addition you can find demoslides with a 4-color fluorescent staining. The demoslides contain murine neuronal cells from cell culture stained with Cy2, Cy3, Cy5 and DAPI. The cells contain a plane network of cells and 3D-structures in form of cell aggregates (spherules), intracellular co-localization of Tubulin-Cy2 and DCX-Cy5, ideal for testing or calibration of confocal laser scanning and other fluorescence microscopes with excellent signal output and high photostability.

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