BioPorto Diagnostics – AntibodyShop

BioPorto Diagnostics is a supplier of high quality monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays. BioPorto offers highly specific antibodies for pharmaceutical research and in vitro diagnostic tests. Several antibodies from BioPorto Diagnostics are highly cited under the Antibodyshop brand. The portfolio comprises validated antibodies in areas such as diabetes and obesity, coagulation, infectious diseases, allergy, complement system, and immunodeficiency.

A unique range of NGAL human and animal antibodies and ELISA kits for research on nephrotoxity and acute kidney injury (AKI) belong to BioPortos key products.


  • Allergy
  • Primary immundeficiency – MBL ELISA
  • Kidney injury: Human and Animal NGAL ELISA kits
  • Metabolic Marker Antibodies for Diabetes and Obesitas research
  • Biomarkers
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Coagulation
  • Cell Biology

BioPorto products can be found on following categories: