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We provide all catalogs and brochures listed below as PDF documents. To save the documents on your computer, please right click on the download symbol and select “Save target as…”. The “Acrobat Reader“ program (version 4 or higher) is required for viewing and printing the documents. You can download this program for free from the Adobe website.

Secondary Antibody Catalog

Over 3,500 highly purified secondary antibodies and their conjugates.

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Find the right secondary antibody in 6 steps

In this document you can find helpful information on choosing the right secondary antibody.

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IHC-Products ScyTek

Histochemistry • Immunohistochemistry • Primary Antibodies

Special Stains • ELISA Buffers and Solutions • Cytology • Hematology

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Jackson ImmunoResearch - FabuLight

Tech.Note FabuLightTM – Fab Labeling primary antibodies with fluorophore-conjugated Fab anti-Fc.

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IDH1 R132H - Minireview

Clone H09 has established worldwide as a standard tool for IHC detection of IDH1 R132H in neuropathology and research.

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Bioporto - Catalog

Tests & Antibodies for Biomarkers and Blood Proteins

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IHC-Premium Antibodies

dianova constantly develops and validates new antibody clones for IHC detection of important biomarkers in FFPE tissues.

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Detection of CALR mutations - Clone CAL2

Product brochure for the immunohistochemical detection of all types of CALR mutations with antibody clone CAL2.

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Nordic Biosite ELISA Kits Catalog

High quality ELISA Kits from Nordic Biosite.


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Mouse Histology IHC-FFPE

New IHC-validated marker for mousehistology on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.

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