Flow Cytometry - Kits & Reagents from ImmunoStep

Mouse markers: more Antibodies, more Colors

ImmunoStep has significantly expanded the number of flow cytometry antibodies for mouse immunology. There are more markers in more colors and in pack sizes from 25 µg up to 500 µg.

Selected Markers for Human Diagnostics

Stem Cell Reagent Kit

The Stem Cell Reagent Kit of ImmunoStep is a reliable alternative to established Kits. It allows the simultaneous determination of the percentage and absolute number of viable CD34+ stem cells per ML sample. It contains CD45/CD34, CD45/IgG1, 7-AAD, lysis solution and StepCount tubes. Your advantages: high quality and up to 35% price advantage (585,- € / 50 Tests).

Apoptosis Kits

Understanding the mechanisms of programmed cell death or apoptosis, is an important aspect in the research of e.g. tissue homeostasis, tumor diseases,or the toxicity and efficacy of drugs. The flow cytometric analysis of apoptosis is based on different detection principles. Due to the complexity of cell death cascades the multi-parameter kits from ImmunoStep are particularly well suited to assess the apoptosis, because they allow the combined measurement of changes in the plasma membrane, necrosis, and changes in the mitochondrial membrane potential:

  • Highly sensitive detection of early and late stages of apoptosis
  • Wide selection of kits for the detection of various apoptosis parameters
  • Comprehensive validation of all kits with many cell types and drugs
  • Different fluorescent options for multiple laser excitation sources

Plasmamembrane Apoptosis Detection Kits

The membrane assays from Immunostep are based on the combined detection of apoptosis and necrosis by fluorescent vital double staining with Annexin V and PI or 7-AAD. Annexin V binds to phosphatidylserine which is translocated outside of the membrane during apoptosis, while PI or 7-AAD can only penetrate into necrotic cells.

Kits are available for various excitation laser lines:

Mitochondria & Plasmamembrane based Apoptosis detection

The dysfunction of the mitochondria is a special feature of earlier stages of apoptosis. The MitoStep apoptosis kits measure changes in the mitochondrial membrane potential with a solution of the cationic cyanine dye DiIC1(5). In healthy cells, especially in mitochondria with active membrane potentials, the dye accumulates. During apoptosis the DiIC1(5) fluorescence intensity decreases and thus there is an increase of cells with lower DiIC1(5) fluorescence. DiIC1(5) stained cells can be visualized by excitation with a 633 nm laser and emission at 658 nm, and they be combined with FITC or PE staining.
MitoStep is available separately and in combination with membrane-based apoptosis assays:

Diagnostic Kits