DyLight® Secondary Antibody Conjugates

DyLight® antibody conjugates show higher fluorescence intensity and photostability than many other fluorophores. Due to the high pH stability, these dyes are very water-soluble and are fluorescent in the range of pH4 – pH9. Fluorophoes are available for different spectral ranges, our selection covers all common filter sets (see table). DyLight® 488, for example, is the best choice for most immunofluorescence applications in the green range. This conjugate shows greater fluorescence than Cy2 or FITC, but less background than Alexa ™ Fluor 488. The combination of DyLight® dyes and affinity purified secondary antibodies by ImmunoReagents provides maximum sensitivity with high sensitivity and specificity.

Dylight Table

Absorption and Emission Maxima

Higher Fluorescence Intensity - Higher Photostability - Less Background

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