NM LYSE (CE-IVD) (300 tests)


30 ml
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    Flow cytometric analyses with monoclonal antibodies were so far restricted to leukocyte populations, which had been separated from erythrocytes before staining and/or analysis. Instead, whole blood staining methods allow for a rapid and accurate determination of cellular subpopulations in non-separated biological samples. This is not only time saving but reduces also the probability of an unintended loss of distinct cellular populations due to e.g. commonly used differential centrifugation procedures. With the NM-LYSE reagent flow cytometric analysis of whole blood has become as easy and accurate as the analysis of separated cell populations.

    NM-LYSE can be applied in wash- or no-wash lysing procedures with whole blood or bone marrow samples. NM-LYSE is a premixed, ready to use lysing solution fomulated for lysing erythrocytes following monoclonal antibody staining of whole blood. Treatment with this reagent simultaneously leads to lysis of red blood cells and fixation of white cells. Morphological scatter characteristics of leukocytes remain intact. NM-LYSE can be used with or without sample washing. NM-LYSE is suitable for the analysis of normal and malignant leukocyte populations derived from various human biological samples (blood, bone marrow and others) using flow cytometry. Results must be put within the context of other diagnostic tests as well as the clinical history of the patient by a certified professional before final interpretation.The quality of each NM-LYSE Lot is determined by lysing red blood cells of well defined blood samples from representative donors and subsequent comparison of forward and side scatter characteristics of obtained leukocytes.

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Tel.: +49 (0)89 3799666-6