High affinity His-Tag antibody from dianova

Highest Affinity & Sensivity: Biacore 3×10-10M

The mouse monoclonal antibody clone 13/45/31-2 (Isotype IgG1) detects N- and C-terminally His-tagged proteines as well as internal His-tags. With a high affinity of 3x 10-10M (BiacoreTM) it is optimally suited for a large variety of applications.

The antibody is one of the most cited His-Tag Antibodies world wide with more than 100 References.

The anti-His-epitope-tag clone 13/45/31/2 has been developed for optimal detection in cells and complex cell-lysates (Prof. Zentgraf, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany). Clone 13/45/31-2 shows a very high specificity and sensitivity against recombinant proteins with a tag of at least 6 histidines. Constructs with 4 additional histidines show 20- to 40-times increased affinity without any significant impact on the tertiary structur of the expressed protein.

Binding of the epitope-tag antibody is not influenced by the flanking aa-sequence of the constructs offering a broad choice in the selection of available expression vectors. The only requirement for antibody binding is the stereoscopic accessibility of the epitope

Ordering Information His-Epitop-Tag Antibody

Ordering #QuantityDescription
dia-900-100100 µgUnconjugated
dia-900-200200 µgUnconjugated (Value Pack 2x 100µg)
dia-910-1MG-ABF1 mgUnconjugated Azide- and BSA-free
dia-900-FITC100 TestsFITC-Conjugate
dia-900-BIOT100 µgBiotin-Conjugate

Application Chart His-Epitope-Tag Antibody

ApplicationAntibody dilution
EMElektron mikroskopyAssay dependent
FACS – FlowFlow Cytometry1:500-1:2000
IHC-FImmunohistochemistry – FrozenAssay dependent
IHC-P / FFPEImmunohistochemistry – ParaffinAssay dependent
IPImmunoprecipitation4 µg/ml
WB (colorimetric)Western Blot (colorimetric)1:100 – 1:10.000
WB (ECL)Western Blot (ECL)1:1.000 – 1:10.000