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We are pleased to inform you about the acquisition of dianova GmbH, based in Hamburg, by BIOZOL Diagnostica Vertrieb GmbH

With your needs in focus, we are combining our passion and expertise for products and services for the life sciences and are expanding our worldwide network of high-quality manufacturers. As a strong team, we provide the perfect solution for your work, regardless of where it is manufactured always according to our creed:

Everything for research from a single source!

We are very pleased about this acquisition,” said Jonas Bäuerle, Managing Director of BIOZOL. “With dianova, we are expanding our range of high-quality research products and adding a talented base of people to the BIOZOL team that will help us to even exceed our customers’ expectations“.

At BIOZOL you can now obtain all products from Abbkine, Affinity Biosciences, BioAssay Works, BioPorto Diagnostics, BMA Biomedicals, Ligatrap Technologies, MaxVision Biosciences, Nanoimmunotech, Nordic BioSite, ONCOdianova, RevMAb Biosciences, Stemmera and of course the world-renowned premium antibodies for histopathology from dianova’s own line of manufacturing.

As a dianova customer you can now benefit from all the advantages of BIOZOL, your leading independent distributor of life science and diagnostic products in Europe, with immediate effect.

In order to continue to provide you with the best service and to support you in your ongoing work as efficiently as possible, the dianova website and your ordering options at dianova will remain valid. We will continue to assist you with all your needs and our e-mail addresses / phone numbers and contact details will remain unchanged.

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IDH1 R132H, ATRX and H3 K27M for IHC detection in glioma tissue.

Our offer for your IHC on glioma tissue: Get your individual discount when odering your anti-IDH1 R132H antibody DIA-H09 together with ATRX or H3 K27M from dianova*

IDH1 R132H

IDH1 R132H immunohistochemistry forms a backbone for the differential diagnosis of gliomas. Anti-IDH1 R132H clone H09 (DIA-H09) is an indispensable tool for Glioma diagnosis with high impact on cancer research as documented by nearly 100 scientific publications on CiteAb.


ATRX mutations in gliomas result in the loss of nuclear ATRX expression, which can be diagnosed by IHC analysis. Loss of ATRX expression is close to being mutually exclusive to 1p/19q co-deletion. dianova’s antibody clone AX1 was developed specially for the detection of ATRX in glioma tissue.

H3 K27M

The WHO classification 2016 describes the diffuse midline glioma with H3-K27M mutation as a new entity. It is most common in children and adolescents and is localized in midline structures. The clone RM192 enables clear detection of somatic H3 K27M mutations in glioma tissue.

The WHO-classification for CNS Tumors 2016 recommends the analysis of new molecular markers on formalin-fixed tissues together with classical histomorphology. The focus here is on immunohistochemical determination of the IDH1, ATRX and H3-K27M mutation status. Successive integration of IHC procedures reduces the number of molecular tests required for unequivocal diagnosis (Reus et al., 2015).

* Please forward your quotation request to

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TIGIT, CD112R & more: IHC-marker ImmunoOncology

We develop antibodies for the tissue-based detection of immune checkpoint markers

ONCOdianova concentrates on development of new antibody clones for the tissue-based detection of cancer immunology biomarkers. ONCOdianova’s vision is to provide the best antibodies for immunohistochemical analysis of biomarker expression profiles to better understand the complex interaction of immune cells and the tumor cells in patient tissue. ONCOdianova believes that multiplexed IHC-assessment of immune checkpoint targets in tumor tissues is indispensable for cancer research.

Learn more about TIGIT & cancer immunology checkpoint blockade

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anti-Histone H3 (K27M)

Histon3 H3 K27M Mutation

Clone RM192: Specific detection of Histone-H3-K27M

Clone RM192 by RevMAb Biosciences allows the specific detection of the Histone H3 K27M mutant in FFPE-tissue samples. The lysin residue (K) at position 27 of the amino acid chain is replaced by a methionine residue (M) in K27M mutant proteins. The monoclonal rabbit antibody does not cross react with wild-type Histone H3.

anti Histone H3.3 K27M

Western Blot analysis of cell lysates prepared from 293T transfected with a DNA construct encoding wild type (WT) or K27M mutant proteins of Histone H3.3, using anti-Histone H3 K27M rabbit monoclonal antibody, clone RM192.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Brandner MD, Division of Neuropathology and Dept. of Neurodegenerative Disease, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK

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Anti-PSA Clone HAM18

Anti-PSA (human) antibody clone HAM18

Prostate Specific Antigen IHC – Performance redefined!

Now available: Best validated anti-PSA antibody worldwide. Clone HAM18 has been tested on 21.000 tissue sections and is optimized for IHC on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) prostate tissue specimen to be used in brightfield immunohistochemistry but also for fluorescent multiplex immunohistochemistry (mIHC).

Antibody clone HAM18 is absolutely PSA-specific. It stains only prostate epithelium and derived cells. Numerous publications on PSA positive staining of other, non-PSA expressing tumor tissues suggest cross-reactivity of commonly available PSA antibodies. The exceptionally high sensitivity of HAM18 also allows the detection of subtotal to total loss of PSA expression in poorly differentiated tumors of high grades.