Immunoglobulin class & subclass-specific monoclonal secondary antibodies

We are pleased to welcome SynAbs as new immunoglobulin class and subclass-specific monoclonal secondary antibody manufacturer at dianova. The young UCL / CHEX spin-off is characterized by innovative monoclonal rat secondary antibodies, but also mice and extends our antibody portfolio. With its world-wide almost unique rat mAb expertise, SynAbs offers access to a differentiated antigen repertoire and thus provides new opportunities for research and diagnostics.

The use of rats as host species is ideal for immunization with murine antigens and mAb production is less animal consuming than in mice. In addition, the new mAb can be used in combination with existing mouse antibodies for sandwich assays and multiple labeling is possible.

dianova - Product Overview - SynAbs

In our shop you will find more than one hundred secondary antibodies from SynAbs: Anti –Rat, –Mouse, -Human Ig. This gives you new possibilities for your technical applications such as immunohistochemistry (IHC), FACS and in particular ELISA (ELISA-Sandwich, ELISA-Spot) for the detection of immunoglobulins. .