Phosphospecific Antibodies by Affinity Biosciences

Affinity Biosciences provides a comprehensive portfolio of more than 1,900 phosphospecific antibodies, including a worldwide unique set of 800 innovative antibodies exclusively offered by Affinity. All across the globe customers have come to appreciate Affinities phosphospecific antibodies as reliable tools proven by an abundance of published antibody data and numerous references. This year again, Affinity further expanded the product line of phosphospecific antibodies. The latest additions (catalog numbers AF7xxx) essentially cover all phosphorylation sites reported in renowned scientific journals over the past 5 years.

Why Affinity Biosciences?

  • Coverage of all phosphorylation sites published in renowned journals
  • Guaranteed phosphospecificity by proprietary 3-step affinity purification
  • Antibody validation by mass spectrometry (MS) and blocking peptide in WB, ELISA, and IHC
  • Transparency of information and traceability of procedures
  • Original manufacturer with long-term experience in antibody development and production

All products of Affinity Biosciences are developed in-house and the entire manufacturing process is realized in the company’s own facilities. This enables the implementation of Affinities’ ambitious quality strategy and ensures that all products are 100% traceable. A proprietary 3-step affinity purification with subsequent specificity testing by ELISA guarantees that each phosphospecific antibody only recognizes the phosphorylated but not the non-phosphorylated polypeptide.

Since its foundation in 2006, Affinity Biosciences has successfully developed more than 13,000 different antibodies for its own portfolio and well-known brand suppliers, making phospho-antibodies its most outstanding product line.

Affinity Biosciences commits itself to transparency of information and traceability of procedures. Weighting up proprietary information and scientific contribution, Affinity always decides in favor of science.

Thus, specific information about the antigen, including the HPLC and MS profiles, is available to every end-user of Affinity products on request.

If you have any questions about the blocking peptides, feel free to contact us. Affinity Biosciences will be pleased to provide the appropriate blocking peptide for each antibody, allowing you to validate the antibody in your own experiments.

For western blot, the reactive species listed in the data sheet means that the antibody has been tested for cross-reactivity with the homologous target proteins of these species. Unverified or predicted species reactivity is not reported in the data sheet. If you want to do western blotting with an uncommon species, please contact us. Affinity performs a peptide sequence alignment for you in order to determine the potential cross-reactivity with this species.