Manufacturer of antibodies, biochemicals, proteins and ELISA kits. The product range includes a comprehensive selection of conjugated and unconjugated loading control antibodies for different organisms an. In addition Abbkine manufacurs secondary antibodies using the new fluorecent dye IPKine™, a dye with superior staining properties.

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Trakine dianova

TraKine Cell Staining Kits
Kits and proprietary probes for real-time fluorescent imaging of cells and organelles in microplate assay, flow cytometry, confocal and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. For more information click here.

Abbkine Topselling Products
List of Topselling Products manufactured by Abbkine

Loading Control Antibodies
Large Selection of Loading Control Antibodies for optimized for different Tissues, Cells and Species

IPKine – for IP and WB
IPKine are secondary antibodies optimized to be used in IP and Western Blot applications

IfKine are fluorecent dyes developed by Abbkine with exceptional photostability and brightness