IFKine™ conjugates for multiple immunofluorescence labelling

IFKine™ conjugated secondary antibodies have improved brightness, photostability and less unspecific background staining. Antibodies are raised in donkey and preadsorbed against serum of other species, which makes them predestined for fluorescence staining, especially for fluorescence multiple labelling.

IFKine™ fluorescence secondary antibodies are highly specific and are not prone for unspecific hybridization with other samples. As a result, up to three different antigens can be detected at the same time with a common immunofluorecence microscope.

Multiple labeling with IFKine antibody conjugates

Feature & Benefits

  • Easy to use. Component optimized liquid solution package, easy and convenient
  • Suitable for fluorscence multiple labelling. Donkey host, compatible with most primary antibodies, easy to block
  • Minimum nonspecific reaction. Featured serum absorbtion of other species
  • High quality guarantee. High brightness, photostability and pH tolerance

IFKine™ fluorophore: Improved brightness and photostability

IFKine™ secondary antibodies: Donkey host, suitable for multiple labelling

IFKine™ optimization: Minimum nonspecific binding with samples

IFKine™ optimization: Minimum nonspecific binding with samples

Ordering Information

Product NameCat. No.ApplicationSizeSpectra
IFKine™ Green Donkey Anti-Mouse IgGA24211IF, FC100 / 500 µl
IFKine™ Green Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgGA24221IF, FC100 / 500 µl
IFKine™ Green Donkey Anti-Goat IgGA24231IF, FC100 / 500 µl
IFKine™ Orange Donkey Anti-Mouse IgGA24311IF, FC100 / 500 µl
IFKine™ Red Donkey Anti-Mouse IgGA24411IF, FC100 / 500 µl
IFKine™ Red Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgGA24421IF, FC100 / 500 µl

IFKine™ innovative fluorophore

IFkine™ fluorophores are a new generation of unique fluorescent dyes, which allow the aquisiton of brighter and more stable fluorescence results. In multiple staining experiments, they exert better effects compared to other commercially available dyes (see table).

Product NameEx/Em (nm)Superior alternativ toSpectra
IFKine™ Green493/518FITC, Cy2, Alexa 488, Dylight 488
IFKine™ Orange555/570Cy3, Rhodamin, Alexa 555, Dylight 549
IFKine™ Red591/615Texas Red, Alexa 594, Dylight 594
IFKine fluorophores excitation

Unique donkey host source

IFKine™ secondary antibodies raised in donkey are compatible with most primary antibodies and are therefore especially suitable for multi-staining experiments. In addition, serum from one single species (donkey) can be used to for blocking,  avoiding complicated and time-consuming additional blocking steps. This eliminates any potential obstacles, usually caused by usage of different secondary antibodies species in on single staining experiment.

Minimum nonspecific binding with samples

IFKine™ secondary antibodies specifically recognize IgG from rabbit, mouse and goat, and are preadsorbed against many other species, such as human, rat or mouse. Experiments demonstrate that these secondary antibodies have almost no cross-reactions with other serum proteins, avoiding any nonspecific binding with samples.

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